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Make money on IG with under 20K followers

I have been a micro-influencer for over 2 years now. The best part about my blogging journey is that I have made a part-time income from my lifestyle blog with under 15K followers. 

I know you may have under 15K followers too and that's ok. What's not ok though is that you feel stuck. You aren't seeing any ROI with the time and money you are investing in your beautiful micro-blog. Posting beautiful content is not easy, but it is fulfilling. However, that doesn't pay the bills! You want to be more impressed with the money you are bringing in. Well what if I told you I have the solution for you?

I created a course called Micro but Mighty specifically for YOU, the micro-influencer, with under 20K...maybe even under 10K! And guess what? That is OK. You are in the perfect spot for this course to start showing you how to EARN actual income and free products through your beautiful space on the internet. Ready to start seeing a MACRO increase through your MICRO blog for just $97?

Some brands I've worked with:


Need a marketing strategy boost?

If you're ready to take the next step in your marketing & social media strategy, let's set up a 1-hour consultation and strategy session. Whether you want to learn a certain marketing skill, need help manually growing your Instagram, etc. this is the best way for us to get started! 

My 1-hour consults start at $100/hour. Click below to book a time on my calendar that works for both of us! I'm so excited to learn more about your business situation and what your goals are.