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Marketing Consultant. Talent Manager. Motivational Speaker. Lifestyle Blog Coach. Website Designer.


This is me

My name is Carly Hartman. I am excited about helping you monetize your passion in life. I do not believe you accidentally came to this website. I believe in divine appointments and the fact that you are here makes me so happy! I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 17. I currently have 3 businesses: a digital marketing agency & a celebrity marketing agency (called CLOUD MGMT), and an inner beauty pageant that travels around the world.


During the day I trade stocks, coach my clients, manage accounts and get sponsored deals for my celebrity clients. During the nights I create courses for YOU to grow your micro-influence and get paid to do so. And on the weekends, I travel and speak at events where I get to meet YOU in person!


I love showing people how to discover vision for their lives, practically take steps to believe in themselves and, of course, make their dream become reality. In whatever area of help you are needing, from social media, to public speaking, to coaching, to blogging, to creating online courses and more, I am passionate about making your dream(s) come true!

I wrote a book to help you find the best in every day

I’m not kidding when I say I think you deserve to have the best day ever and the best life ever. 

You deserve to see the beauty in each and every day 🤩 <— like literally to be that emoji in real life. This is why I wrote a book to help you create a HABIT of finding the best in every day!


I want to hold your hand and help you along the way on this journey to see the best in every day. So, for that reason, my book is titled..⁣BEST DAY EVER: a 21-day challenge to find the best in every day. You are able to find the best in every day for the next 21 days, and then repeat and repeat until it becomes a natural thing you do each and every day. I have provided journal prompts in here to help you apply and reflect on the daily challenges I have prepared for you.⁣

Learn how to make money as a micro-influencer

Introducing my premium course:

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Micro but Mighty

I have been a micro-influencer for over 2 years now. The best part about my blogging journey is that I have made a part-time income from my lifestyle blog with under 15K followers. And quite honestly, it is only a part-time income because I am busy running my other 3 companies at the same time. My blog is really just a hobby but it pays me like a legitimate job. That's just the way I like it! 

I know you may have under 15K followers too and that's ok. What's not ok though is that you feel stuck. You aren't seeing any ROI with the time and money you are investing in your beautiful micr0-blog. Posting beautiful content is not easy, but it is fulfilling. However, that doesn't pay the bills! You want to be more impressed with the money you are bringing in. Well what if I told you I have the solution for you?

I created a course called Micro but Mighty specifically for YOU, the micro-influencer, with under 20K...maybe even under 10K! And guess what? That is OK. You are in the perfect spot for this course to start showing you how to EARN actual income and free products through your beautiful space on the internet. Ready to start seeing a MACRO increase through your MICRO blog? Watch the free training below!


Brands I've Worked with as a blogger

I created a podcast to give you a weekly dose of motivation

My life motto is that everyday is the best day ever! I titled it The Best Day Ever Podcast because I think it's a good way to remind ourselves each and everyday how to live life to the fullest! It is my passion to encourage us to not take this beautiful life we've been given for granted!

Tune in each week to hear some awesome motivational lifestyle & business tips for you to apply to your life! We were not meant to do life alone. My goal is to record episodes 100% inspired by YOUR questions and your needs. I want nothing more than to connect with you one on one. I cannot wait to see how you grow through listening!

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