Your brand deserves a solid social media strategy.

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'Instagram Blueprint' is for you if...

  • You've been posting for a while but nothing seems to work or convert

  • You're trying to piece together a strategy from all the different things you've learned, but have no idea how it relates to your brand specifically

  • You don't know how to translate your brand value prop from IRL (in-real-life) to online

  • You're intimidated by content strategy


What if you could be handed a blueprint that gives you step-by-step what is best for YOUR brand's digital strategy? Take the stress out of having to figure this out on your own. Hi, I'm Carly Hartman and I'm a 10 year social media strategist. I help small business owners master their all-channel digital marketing strategies, all by starting with the Instagram funnel. I would be honored to help you find your first steps to Instagram success, and thus, digital marketing success.

  • A 30-minute kick-off call to learn more about you & your amazing brand

  • A walkthrough of your current strategy and what's on your roadmap

  • Strategy resources that you can use for months and months to come

  • Strong content strategy templates

  • Hashtag cloud recommendations

  • Digital marketing roadmap formula to prepare for conversion

  • A final 30-minute wrap up call to present findings and provide final direction

$1,800 FLAT FEE

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