You ARE able to be your own social media manager.

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'Instagram Game Plan' is for you if...

  • You are a small business owner that doesn't have the budget to hire a social media manager

  • You are overwhelmed thinking of all that social media management consists of

  • You're intimidated by content strategy and have no idea what to post

  • You don't think you have the time to manage your own social media accounts

  • You are stuck on the treadmill of trying to create enough content to just last you a week

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What if you could be guided through a 1:1 experience that customizes a step-by-step formula for YOUR brand's digital strategy? Take the stress out of having to figure this out on your own & having to find a social media manager. Hi, I'm Carly Hartman and I'm a 10 year social media strategist. I help small business owners master their all-channel digital marketing strategies, all by starting with the Instagram funnel. I would be honored to help you find your first steps to building your digital marketing funnel & see results!

  • One 1-hour call each week for 4 weeks in a row

  • A walkthrough of your current strategy and what's on your roadmap

  • Strategy resources that you can use for months and months to come

  • Brand pillar guided experience to influence your content strategy

  • Hashtag cloud recommendations

  • Batching & scheduling training to get your content creation process down to just a few hours a month

  • Digital marketing funnel formula to prepare for conversion

  • Reporting & analytics training to learn how to take real data and turn it into learnings you can apply to your strategy

  • Rinse & repeat methods that you can use for months to come, should the algorithm allow

  • A customized plan specific to your business with coaching and cheerleading throughout the month

$3,000 FLAT FEE

I am a new small business owner in the nutrition industry with big plans in my heart. I knew I wanted my business to grow into something special, but the idea of content creation and regularly posting on social media was very overwhelming to me. That's where Carly came in. For the past four weeks, we have met and discussed a very simple but effective plan of action to increase my reach on social media. Carly gave very clear and straightforward action items to focus on each week that would build upon the skill set. Carly's personality is really what makes her special. Every week, her encouragement and positivity was contagious. I can't help but believe that I will be successful and continue to see amazing results with her tried and true social media strategy. If you are looking to slowly grow your presence on social media and aren't ready to hire a company to do the content creation for you, then I highly recommend going through this program with Carly. You will come out feeling empowered and confident to continue with mapping out a social media strategy that brilliantly works! Reach out to Carly now, she's the best! 

- Angela H.

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