• Carly Hartman

Miss America Ends Swimsuit Competition

I created my own inner beauty pageant, Pageant 360, back in 2014 to take a stand for inner beauty for young women across the world.

Wow. In June of 2018, Miss America put an end to the swimsuit competition. This is huge news for sure! What is this picture you see above? This is my inner beauty pageant program that I started back in 2014 called Pageant 360. It is a movement that was created to empower young women to be world changers. I started this movement because of my experience with the pageant system in general.

Back in 2014 I was going to be in a local beauty pageant. After training for 9 months, I decided to drop out of the pageant 2 weeks before the date! It was so last minute and so heartbreaking for me since I was sooooo passionate about moving forward. I had always wanted a platform to speak to young girls, so I thought that competing in a pageant would be the answer to that call!

However, I just did not feel comfortable competing in a bikini.

Pageants are totally amazing! I just did not think in that moment that it was for me.

That day, I dropped out of my local beauty pageant.

Instead of being sad and down, I decided to start my own inner beauty pageant focused on women from the inside out!

Where we could be a safe place for them to come and share their feelings on life and situations that they may be in. This is when Pageant 360 was born!

This is why I am so excited about this Miss America decision! Why? Because it has absolutely been my heart for the last 4 years of my life! To really focus on the hearts of women and how they want to change the world! This is exactly what we accomplish through Pageant 360. It is a rapidly growing movement that is spreading worldwide! So thankful for this platform and can't wait to see all of the beautiful girls that it will continue to impact!

Congrats Miss America! I am so excited for the new opportunities awaiting you from this moment forward!

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