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  • Carly Hartman

Creating a More Efficient Workflow for My Business

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

I have had a business for 7 years now. It is a digital marketing agency called CLOUD MGMT. we specialize in website design, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, ads and more! Anything marketing, we gotcha covered! Being a business owner, you really need as much help as you can get since it can sometimes feel like there aren't many people around you doing what you do! Now, I have found some amazing fellow creatives around me that help me and support me and I am forever grateful and so excited to say the least! Since you pretty much have to do everything as a business owner, CRM (customer relationship management) is something I have really struggled with if I'm being honest. That all changed a few months ago when I found my CRM match made in Heaven: HoneyBook!

What makes Honeybook different? More than a CRM, HoneyBook is a proactive platform for creative small businesses to create, review, and manage - all in one place!

What's HoneyBook All About?


Been sending invoices through other methods and hoping that the client understands what services you're listing? I've been there! On HoneyBook, you're able to send your clients the invoices directly and they can pay right away.


Want to have a contract signing process that is way less complicated than something like HelloSign and then linking your clients back to your site? Same here! HoneyBook allows you to send a contract right away and automate what happens next in your workflow!

Payment & Booking

Receive payment immediately after the client says they are ready to go! HoneyBook is connected through Stripe so it is safe and secure.

Tasks & To-Do's

Tired of writing your tasks on little post-it notes and losing track of them and/or losing them completely? I agree would be an understatement! You can load all your tasks into your HoneyBook account so you never get behind on a deadline.


All in all, what is listed above is what a workflow is all about! And this is what HoneyBook specializes is: a way to make work EASY and fun and to get you freed up doing what you love!

Here are some quick screenshots of the platform so you can see inside!

The Best Part?

Thanks to my very special friends at HoneyBook, I am able to give you 50% off your first year when you join! You can sign up now for a free trial and claim your discount! I am so excited for you to try this software. Click here.

Once again, you really need to check out HoneyBook. It has truly impacted my business and I know it will yours too! Sign up here for your free trial and get 50% off your first year!

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