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How to Start & Monetize Your Blog in 4 Steps

Hi there! I'm Carly. And I started my blog a few years ago with about 3,000 followers on Instagram. The funny thing is I wasn't trying to start a blog. I was simply trying to get free products because I was a college student with no extra money to spend on things I wanted haha. This is when I started to get everything in my life for free and rarely had to pay for a single thing (aside from rent and food of course). I then decided to start my blog because I realized that I could really get the hang of the whole process and set my goal to eventually get paid to post!

A few short years later, I make a part-time income blogging and have around 28K followers on Instagram!

I love my blogging story because it was so raw and real and was something I was literally NOT trying to get into. I just put my foot out there and things started to get easier and easier! I now am a blog coach where I teach people like you how to start and monetize your very own lifestyle blog. The best part? I specifically work with micro-influencers and show them how to get paid to post with under 20K followers!

If you have anywhere between 1,000-20,000 followers and think you're too small to blog, you are in the right place!

I am so excited to share my 4 Step Blogger Process with you today! This is my simple yet efficient system that I teach bloggers all over the world so that they can start branding and monetizing what they love! I believe that you get to monetize your passions. I believe you get to be financially free and set your own hours if you so choose! This is why blogging is so intriguing to most people. It allows you to do exactly THAT and ENJOY the process every step of the way! So, let's get into it:

4 Step Blogger Process

Step 1

Create your website - Why? Well, you need a mothership to point people to! You need a place where they can sign up on your newsletter. A place where they can read your posts! A place where brands can track your progress. I use things like and to create beautiful blog websites.

Step 2

Brand your gram - Instagram is one of the biggest tools in blogging these days! You need to setup your Instagram for success in order to attract your dream brands and followers. The app is saturated with thousands and thousands of bloggers out there! So you want to be sure you stand out from the crowd. You want to build a genuine following and audience that supports YOU AND YOUR BLOG!

Step 3

Reach out to brands - The party is all in the DMs! My best advice would be to start by simply DMing your favorite brands with 500K followers or less!

Step 4

Grow your following - Engage. Engage. Engage. It is all about engagement! You need to comment and like at least 10 posts a day from 10 new accounts a day! That way you are able to put your account in front of 70 new accounts a week! It is all about being genuine on this platform and you have to work hard to see results. Especially with the always changing algorithm!

I hope you enjoyed this quick walkthrough of how to start and monetize your very own blog! But hey, it gets better...if you want more information on how to brand and monetize your blog ASAP, I have a FREE training just for you.

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In this free training, I go over:

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